Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Which platforms are compatible with PowerSell?

    PowerSell connects to Lazada, Shopee, Sendo, Haravan, and Zalo.

  • Can I add employees to use PowerSell?

    This feature is not yet completed but will be available in the near future.

  • How many PowerSKUs can I create?

    PowerSell supports unlimited PowerSKUs.If sellers want to create multiple PowerSKUs, they can purchase additional PowerSKUs, chat with us or contact for assistance.
    Prices of additional PowerSKUs available here.

  • I only want to use a single feature/tool of PowerSell, what do I do?

    For sellers only looking to use one tool/feature, please chat with us or contact to best suit your needs and give you an appropriate package.

  • I have more than 20 shops, can I connect all of them to PowerSell?

    Yes. PowerSell supports connections to an unlimited number of shops. If sellers need multiple shops, they can purchase additional shop connections, chat with us or contact for help.
    Refer to additional shop purchase prices here.

  • How do I restrict my employees that use PowerSell from seeing my revenue?

    Many partners are interested in this feature, and PowerSell is currently in development of restricted revenue access features.

  • Can PowerUp push products on different sites, such as Lazada or Sendo?

    PowerUp was created based on currently available resources on Shopee for sellers to boost their products. Thus, PowerUp can only boost products on Shopee, not Lazada or Sendo.

  • I only want to use Shopee's auto-boost feature, what do I do?

    Sellers using PowerSell's Professional packages will have access to Shopee's auto-boost tool for 1 store, free of charge. If sellers would like to upgrade to Professional package or add more store for Auto-Boost, chat with us.
    PowerSell's offering packages details available here.

  • Can I alternate between PowerSell connected shops?

    Yes. However, this is not recommended because the time for the shop to connect and sync data from the platform will be 2-4 hours, which will be timely, and affect store management.
    We recommend sellers purchase additional shops, chat with us or contact for support.
    Refer to additional shop purchase prices here.

  • How do I copy products from my old shop to my new one?

    Sellers who wish to use store clone/copy service please leave contact information through this link, chat with us or contact for help.

  • I want faster data synchronization time. What do I do?

    Faster sync time can be requested (subject to service fee). The fastest data sync time for PowerSell is 10 minutes/sync.
    Chat with us for assistance.
    Prices for faster sync time available here.

  • I only want to use the thumbnail design tool, what do I do?

    Sellers using PowerSell's Professional package will have access to our image editing tool, free of charge, for one store. This tool is not available to customers looking for a small, individual custom package.
    PowerSell's offering packages details available here.


  • What are the differences between PowerSell and other shop management tools?

    - Powersell connects all shops on Lazada, Shopee, Sendo, Zalo to one single platform and helps sellers have a centralized management interface for everything, from revenue and orders to products.
    - PowerSell is the only tool on the market that supports stock sync between shops.
    - Other outstanding features that are only available in PowerSell: Check whether the returned products have arrived at the seller's warehouse; check successful orders that have been paid at the end of each period for Shopee and Lazada shops, track the sales price of competitors' product on the e-commerce market and auto adjust pricing for the most competitive price.

  • I am not very good with the computer, is PowerSell difficult to use?

    PowerSell is designed to be simple and user-friendly for the average business owner, without having a lot of complicated actions. Just by connecting the shop to PowerSell, sellers can see the status of their shop.
    If you are still hesitant, chat with us for instructions and assistance!

  • I want to use PowerSell to increase revenue of my shops. How can PowerSell help me?

    Revenue formula:
    Revenue = Traffic x Conversion rate x Order quantity x Average value of 1 order
    PowerSell helps sellers increase revenue by increasing the factors above:
    - Traffic: Informs you if your products are out of stock or at low stock to help guarantee availability, therefore improve display position on platform. PowerPaint designs images to make products stand out and attract viewers. PowerUp pushes product on Shopee, thus increase impressions and views.
    - Conversion rate: Track the price of competitors' products, automatically reprice your products to compete, and increase customer purchases with lower prices.

  • I want more people to know about my product, how will PowerSell be able to help?

    PowerSell provides the following features to help sellers increase traffic:
    - PowerUp: Auto boost products on Shopee to increase impressions and viewcount.
    - Smart Information: View filtered products that are out of stock or low on stock to update inventory. One way to get marketplaces to boost your product is by having plenty of stock, so by constantly restocking, your products will be given a good placement.
    - Price tracking and auto-repricing: Besides stocked inventory, the marketplaces also prefer displaying products with competitive prices. Having the best price will give your product more traffic.
    - PowerPaint: Helps give products the best image design to attract customers.

  • I don't have support staff, Do I save time management when using PowerSell?

    PowerSell collectively manages all shops in one interface and automatically informs the seller of important information to help save management time for shops.
    - Multi-platform and multi-shop management: Use 1 account from one single screen to get an overview of all shops on Lazada, Shopee, Sendo, Zalo,...
    - Order processing: Quickly change order statuses and process orders on Lazada and Shopee.
    - Stock sync: Sync stock for products sold across platforms to always have updated stock info, prevents running out of stock, or having excess stock.
    - PowerPaint: Quickly design product image and upload directly to the platform.
    - Product Management: Quickly update product statuses such as high revenue, low revenue, non competitive, out of stock,...- ... and many other convenient features.

Packages & Pricing

  • Can I get a free trial of PowerSell?

    Yes. Chat with us for free trial sign up.

  • How do I know which package is suitable for my store?

    PowerSell's packages and features details available here.
    If a suitable package is unavailable, please chat with us for consulting.

  • Why did my Starter package expire?

    PowerSell's Starter package is available for free, for as long as the seller chooses it. However, within the system there is a time limit.
    Sellers need to re-register to continue using its services.
    Please chat with us for reactivation.

  • My store doesn't have that much revenue yet, how do I use PowerSell?

    PowerSell has many features for small businesses. Chat with us for additional consultation.
    PowerSell also has a free Starter package for sellers to experience with PowerSell's basic features. Any seller can sign up for the Starter package.
    PowerSell's package pricing details available here.

  • What's the cost for each package?

    PowerSell's service fees start from $19-$99/month, depending on the selected package.
    PowerSell's package details available here.

  • Are PowerSell prices monthly or annual?

    PowerSell's fees are charged monthly or annually. PowerSell always have promotions/bonuses for sellers.
    Please chat with us for more details on these promotions.
    PowerSell's package pricing details available here.

  • Are there any promotions for long term subscriptions to a package?

    For long term packages (6 months or more), PowerSell always have promotions/bonuses for sellers.
    Please chat with us for more details on these promotions.
    PowerSell's package pricing details available here.

Privacy & Security

  • Who can see my store details?

    Only the owner of the account can view store details. Only when authorized by the account owner/seller and provided with login information will supporting employees be able to view store details.

  • How can I trust PowerSell with my information?

    PowerSell is the official partner of its supported e-Commerce marketplaces. To become an official partner, PowerSell has guaranteed the sellers' information confidentiality with the marketplaces.


  • What payment method do you accept?

    You may use a Credit Card, use Paypal or do a bank transfer.

  • I've already paid, can I change the package activation date if I haven't used it?

    Sellers can delay package activation within 30 days from payment. However, if the seller has an urgent problem and wants to delay activation for longer, chat with us to receive and process your request.

  • Do you support paying in installments?

    For special cases, PowerSell supports payment in installments. Sellers can chat with us to receive and process your request.

  • How long after payment will I be able to use PowerSell?

    If paid online through PowerSell's payment portal, the system will automatically activate the package for the seller.
    If paid via direct diposit, after receiving the deposit, customer service will call to confirm and activate the package for the seller.

Bugs & Errors

  • Who do I contact when the software has errors?

    Please chat with us or contact for assistance.

  • How long after finding errors/bugs will they be resolved?

    The resolution timeframe is within 24 hours of receiving the report. Duration of bug fixing will depend on the difficulty/urgency of the bug.