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Your products on marketplaces are ready and PowerSell is willing to support but to be 100% ready, don’t forget these tips below.

1. Rapidly processing orders

One study shows that 69% of consumers are much less or less likely to shop with a retailer in the future if an item they purchased is not delivered within two days of the date promised.

Late deliveries decrease your customer retention rate. In return, late deliveries drastically decrease your customer lifetime value (and your return on whatever you spent to acquire the lost customers in the first place).

What’s more, late deliveries also increase your customer acquisition cost: When you lose customers due to late deliveries, you can expect negative word of mouth and online reviews, which will make it harder (and more expensive) to acquire new customers.

2. How to prevent late deliveries & boost the customer lifetime value

If your business already has a history of late deliveries, you can accommodate affected customers except for offer refunds or discounts. However, to prevent late deliveries in the future, you can:

  • Overestimate how long shipping will take and under-promise.
  • Partner with a reliable courier, audit your shipments and claim refunds for any late deliveries.
  • Use a parcel tracking service to track shipments in real-time.
  • Send customers real-time updates about package location and delivery issues.
  • Audit your shipments and individually address the reasons for delayed deliveries that are most prevalent.

3. Pack the products carefully

Do not let small errors make you lose points in the eyes of customers, keeping old customers will cost less than finding new ones! Remember that 😉 

In terms of importance, consumers want packaging that protects from breaking or spilling (74%), maintains product integrity (72%), and gets the entire product out of the package (66%).

4. The contact information should be visible and easy for the customer to find whenever they need to get in touch with your shop.

Not too many sellers see it as a good point to focus on! Small work makes a big impact. Customers feel more comfortable when they see contact information, should they have questions or concerns as well as having a visible return policy can increase confidence! And if unfortunately the problematic package, your thoughtful message will somehow make their temper not be that hot!

5. You should keep an eye on your shop’s competitors

More specifically about the price, so sometimes look at the opponent to see how the price is placed and work on improving your pricing strategy to adapt to the new situation more flexibly.

Next is keyword ideas

Spend some time combing through these pages and create a spreadsheet of potential keyword ideas. Although not all of them will be directly relevant to your brand, this can be a great way to identify gaps in your own strategy.

6. Pay attention to the reputation of the store

When it comes to positive feedback, there are a number of benefits – firstly, other customers will be able to see the positive comments and can be impressed by the way you handle negative ones. Customer feedback has benefits for a website’s SEO too, Google recently introduced new tags to specifically identify and include customer feedback directly into search results, so you could see themselves creeping up the Google rankings as a result.

7. Track orders delivery

  • Reduce costs

As you’ve probably discovered firsthand, dealing with customer complaints or inquiries is very costly in the long run. So catching them in the first place and trying to solve as soon as possible is the main key to success.

  • Meet customers expectations

97% of customers expect the ability to monitor their orders throughout every step of the shipping process. By providing order tracking that gives the up-to-date information your customers want, their expectations are met and they are more likely to give you a good review, buy from you again, or tell their friends.

  • Have more control over fulfillment

Your job is not done once the box is packed and in the carriers’ hands. With order tracking, you maintain more control over the order fulfillment process and can quickly address any issues as they arise with ease. 

Knowing where your product is from the time it is ordered until it reaches your customer is a key way to enhance the experience and impact how your customers view you. By managing this perception, you can earn greater trust with your customers, which will naturally translate into a better relationship and more sales in the long-term.

8. Store your customer historical buying data

  • Behavioral targeting

This remains the single most important factor upon which the success or failure of your eCommerce business rests. Data helps you understand your customers better – The products they like, why they leave their carts without paying, the times of the day and the months of the year that see the most customers, and a variety of other salient business decisions. 

  • eCommerce personalization

Customers like to see discounts, recommended products, and most importantly, they love a personal touch.

  • Dynamic pricing

With enough data, customers can be gauged for their spending patterns and on-site behavior. 

  • End-to-end analytics

You can use data to understand not just your customers, but how your entire business is doing: Stocking, shipping, inventory, and sales.

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