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Lazada birthday - Take campaign preparations 5 steps at a time.

Following the previous article “It’s Lazada’s 8th Birthday! What e-retailers should prepare to celebrate?“, let’s flashback to help you “run the momentum” before Lazada’s Birthday.


Why do we need to be well-prepared?

Before the birthday campaign, Lazada will run a major advertising campaign to inform customers about this super promotion. Therefore, taking part in Lazada birthday will let your products get millions of visitors. Taking advantage of this traffic, you will expect a high revenue even when the campaign is not yet officially started.

One more reason to “run” before the event is to increase the visibility of your products on Lazada.

So how do you get it started smoothly?

Check out the suggestions below!

1. Priority decorates your store campaign page on Lazada mobile App:


Mobile connections in the Philippines

  • There are 173.2 million mobile connections in the Philippines in January 2020.
  • The number of mobile connections in the Philippines increased by 38 million (+28%) between January 2019 and January 2020.
  • The number of mobile connections in the Philippines in January 2020 was equivalent to 159% of the total population. ( Hootsuite)

Therefore, redesigning products and shops is advisable to apply the “friendly” version on mobile devices. Because whatever you do on the Web, it only affects 36% of traffic. Always keep in mind “Mobile-first – (mobile-friendly first)”  to make sure you are on a good to go to catch your potential customers.

In addition to retaining customers with eye-catching, mobile-friendly decorative products, you should also focus on developing promotions for your store like promotions that you apply to Lazada or maybe promotional codes. Don’t forget to add all the promotions to your banner in order to attract organic customers.

Another important thing is updating the product information, you should immediately update the latest features and adding as many keywords as possible so that the customers can search your products easier.

2. Use your Lazfeed more effectively to increase interaction and traffic to your store:

It is no coincidence that Lazada develops this feature – a community right on Lazada Web, App, where sellers and shoppers can share products and feedback on. Understanding the purpose of the Lazada feed, you can take advantage of it as a free but effective tool when you can introduce your shop’s products with existing promotions, great birthday deals or post positive reviews from your customers as a PR for the store itself. Or more professional, this will be the ideal place for the product videos that you have elaborately posted, to reach potential consumers and of course, will work, attract more customers, enhance product image and store look.


3. Early ready-to-ship:

With a large number of orders to process, you do not want your order to be refused shipping or can’t pack up quick enough to deliver it to the shipping party.

So pre-packaged your products, not just individual products, promotion combos should also be prepared to ship.

Let’s memorize the packaging, printing, stamping, and labelling specifications as prescribed by Lazada and proceed with the packaging now!


4. Chat fast, respond neatly.

Take advantage of Lazada’s Chat tool.


When there are any problems related to the product, order or shop’s policy, customers can contact the seller for answers. As a professional salesman, we need to be prepared for common situations that buyers often ask as below.

  • Ask about promotions, Lazada discount codes related to the product.
  • Ask for more details about the product such as colour, quantity, size …
  • Ask for advice on issues related to the product such as features, usage, installation …
  • Ask about stock availability, how to proceed with the order, delivery information, payment method …
  • Ask about the exchange and warranty steps when the product is defective …
  • And many other related issues …

Based on these interests of the customer, you can prepare a file containing the answers and then copy and paste it quickly :). But as an e-commerce multi-storey shop, you would be “crazy” if the number of messages is not only in one shop on Lazada, but all stores on Lazada, Shopee.

The good news for all e-retailers, however, is that the solution is always available, as long as you are willing to give it a try. We provide PowerChat feature to integrate all chat boxes of all stores on Lazada, Shopee in the same interface. Now just open a window, you can even access your messages from all your shops at once and do not allow any orders to “slip away” from your hands on Lazada’s birthday, and all the other platforms.

Let’s see how PowerChat helps you handle the entire multi-platform chat box in a snap!

You will be able to officially download PowerChat from March 13, 2020.


5. Equipping price adjustment and bulk inventory adjustment tools:

Simultaneous price adjustment before the campaign, as well as inventory adjustment before, during and after the campaign is something that no seller can avoid, especially in Lazada super birthday sale. But if you just edit by hand, are you sure you will be able to do this a lot of times every day? If not possible, do you have a solution for yourself? Will you ask friends or relatives to help or hire more employees?

Do not forget, we always accompany you, to choose the appropriate and effective solution, you can refer to the way PowerSell is helping more than 20,000 multi-platform e-retailers to overcome the stormy sales season. You can experience all the features of PowerSell that help adjust prices, adjust inventory in bulk and automatically sync multi-platform inventory right here!

Register PowerSell now

With 6 items to prepare before the campaign, hope you can have a wise strategy and speed up to be able to take advantage of all the abundant traffic to Lazada on March 27 and other platforms. Especially when the Corona epidemic is raging and the demand for online shopping increases.

PowerSell will also return to the article about how to “race” effectively on Lazada’s birthday. Don’t miss out!

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