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Started in 2012, Lazada is now considered the number one online sales platform in Southeast Asia – available in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

With this great position, could you imagine how big Lazada’s birthday campaign will be? How regrettable if you miss the opportunity!

1. You should get ready for the Lazada birthday sale now.

This incredible event has resonated with the community of more than 135,000 sellers as well as 3,000 brands serving 560 million consumers across the region! With over 210 million SKUs available, Lazada’s birthday party promises to create a huge shopping effect, help boost shopping needs and provide all the “delicacies” in the world from consumer electronics to home appliances, toys, fashion, sports equipment, etc. Lazada also focuses on improving great customer experience, as evidenced by a variety of payment methods including cash delivery, comprehensive customer service and hassle-free return through the first and last delivery branch backed by over 100 logistics partners.

Missing Lazada’s birthday can be a big mistake as the number of sales increases on average atleast from 5 to 10 times this day.

We have seen an annual increase in sales on this occasion and of course we can fully expect the same result for the upcoming March 27.

With the development and penetration of internet and mobile devices in ASEAN countries, the continuous growth trend of e-commerce seems irreversible in the present time.

What are you still waiting for? Get ready for a super birthday campaign right now!

This article will cover all the steps you need to take, including how you can apply to qualify for this birthday campaign from Lazada.

2. How to join in this Lazada Super Birthday party? 

You can register for sales events in the Seller Center and through the Lazada Advertising Tool, sent before the event starts.

2.1. Specific criteria for sellers to participate in Lazada’s birthday campaign:

Market place

  • Positive Seller Rating must be greater than or equal to 70% or Null.
  • Daily cancellation rate must be less than or equal to 2%.
  • Previous Mega Campaign cancellation rate must be less than or equal to 6%.


  • Positive Seller Rating must be greater than or equal to 70% or Null.
  • Daily cancellation rate must be less than or equal to 2%.
  • Previous Mega Campaign cancellation rate must be less than or equal to 6%.
  • Ship on time must be greater than or equal to 70% or Null.

2. 2. What are the factors affecting the customers’ decision of removing items from their cart?

2.2.1. High shipping cost:

Customers will be willing to abandon the shopping cart containing your product if your shop does not support free shipping, especially a huge promotion from the platform since finding similar but available free shipping shops is extremely easy.

Let’s join PowerSell – Growth solution to support multi-channel retailers to find out the 3 most effective “Free shipping” solutions in 2020!

– Share shipping fee with the buyer:

One way to reduce shipping costs for sellers the most effective is to share this shipping cost with your shoppers. That means customers will bear 50-70% of shipping costs, the rest you accept to deduct from your profits. While this will reduce your profits, it will help you sell order to a new customer, so they have a chance to experience your product, which is easy to return to as a loyal customer.

– Transfer shipping fee into the product price:

Another way to solve shipping problems that most sellers often apply is to increase the price of the product. To ensure profit but still attract customers with the promotion “Free shipping”, many sellers have increased the price of the product compared to the original price.

In this way, the customer will accidentally pay the shipping fee but they are not aware, you still retain your customer. 

– Increase the value of orders

One way that does not directly help you reduce shipping costs but will help you reduce the shipping costs for an order is to increase the order value. In case the shipping costs will remain the same, if the order value is increased, the shipping fee will become more worthy.

This is also one way you can apply for promotions, urging customers to buy more by increasing valuable products to boost sales and compensate for programs like a free ship, etc.

2.2.2. Too expensive:

46% of cancelled carts happen in the final stages, namely during checkout. Online shoppers are very good at comparing prices to other shops, and will always look for a cheaper one.

Unlike shopping in a traditional shop, shoppers can easily move from one online shop to another.

For this reason, especially for small and medium-sized retailers, it is important to maintain competitive prices. 

Returning to so many pricing strategies, what is the best solution for your product? 

  • Know who your target customers are?
  • What needs are your products meeting?

(According to Maslow’s demand pyramid the customer will have 5 needs, 3 of these 5 needs can be expressed through their physical needs and corresponding shopping behaviour).

If your products are high-end items or towards user-health such as functional foods, organic foods, … pricing your products with number 9 will accidentally reduce the value of your products in the eyes of customers, instead,  using the rounding numbers (numbers 5, 0) will contribute to creating more confidence for customers when deciding to spend large sums of money on high-value items you’re selling.

Or if you sell fast-moving consumer goods or everyday consumer goods, this time with a price of XX9$ will certainly work, because, for items with a short consumer life cycle, customers (especially rural customers) will still prefer low-cost, affordable products.

2.2.3. No direct customer support:

Customers can’t reach out to you or your staff in real-time, which could not help them find the process more convenient and increase their confidence in their purchasing decisions.

The fashion retail industry has exploited this growing potential through direct support services. But you will not be able to respond to all of Lazada’s large-scale birthday campaign messages in a timely and quick manner without support from PowerChat – a feature of PowerSell will be Released on March 10, 2020. 

3. What to prepare for decent?

3.1. Consider the number of goods to import

Having passed the first firewall, you have been successfully approved by Lazada for this campaign. Now is the time to review your products in one go, getting ready to re-import the products out of stock.

To save time, it may be beneficial to prepare your shop’s packaging and logo before you enter this large shipment.

How many products should be restocked?

Based on the recent business analysis chart on PowerSell’s Dashboard, you can make your own decisions, together with other sellers in our community, we highly recommend to enter 3 or 5 times the usual quantity of goods needed to meet the Lazada birthday sales increase.

After restocking, warehousing, it is important now that you need to redo the price to apply promotional prices and update the product on the platform.

3.2. Adjust the promotional price accordingly

First, take a look at the price notes from Lazada for the birthday 27/03:

Birthday Sale: EL Category: Group Buy slots for March 25 – 26 is now OPEN for submission!


Live: March 25 – 26

Discount Req. for EL Accy: Min. 10% off (Lowest Price Last 60 Days) or min. 10% off (Lowest Last 60 Days On-site Price); EL Devices: Min. 5%

Stock Recommendation: Ensure more stocks per item to maximize volume sales for Group Buy. Min. stock level is 20. More than 1 item can be bought by each person in a group. Min. # of people in a group is only 2 and the group needs to be completed in 2 days. Submit your deals now! Registration closes on March 17

IMPORTANT: By clicking “submit” you acknowledge that:

1. You have checked the prices of your submitted deals.

2. Once promotion deals are approved, prices cannot be changed or removed during the duration of the promotion.

3. Lazada holds the right to change/cancel the campaign at their discretion.

4. Lazada reserves the right to approve, reject and disqualify a campaign product submitted at their discretion.

How to create diverse promotions? Let’s find out!

  • Free shipping

One of the popular promotions on existing e-commerce platforms is free shipping. Why? Customers tend to care about shipping costs during the buying process and making purchasing decisions. Shipping costs also affect about 30-40% of the sellers’ purchase decisions, so free shipping is one of the promotions that shop owners should consider.

  • Coupon / Voucher

Coupon and Voucher promotion is also applied quite a lot in business as a way to attract customers to buy back or stimulate buyers. When is the Coupon and Voucher promotion applied?

Normally, Coupons and Voucher promotions with the purpose of reducing the amount of money for the next purchase of customers. This helps you to ensure that customers will come for a second purchase before they are promoted, and the cost of this promotion is also reduced.

Or beside the discount voucher, you can apply the coupon for Gift vouchers, in order to link products of other brands to expand business or push new products launched, inventory products to users to experience the product.

  • Flexi Combo

It is a great way for you to sell more products.  It builds customer loyalty, promotes selling opportunities and helps customers to solve a problem.

You can create 1 product that contains 2 different items.

For example: phones and power banks.

3.3. Update price adjustments and inventory to the platform ready to welcome Super deal!

Once you have determined the price for your product or promotion package, you need to update the prices and inventory for all multi-platform products. Will you do it yourself or hire more employees? What is the most optimal solution?

Updating multi-platforms listing information, inventory in just one software – PowerSell is happy to answer and provide the most economical solution for you. With just a few mouse clicks, your product has been updated with prices and inventory on both Lazada, Shopee with PowerSell’s feature of price and inventory adjustment in bulk.

Other important notes: In addition to the main tasks that need to be taken into consideration, what should you do to make the process of joining Lazada birthday more smooth and convenient?

  • Try to arrange dedicated packaging areas and manage labelling in your warehouse. If you need temporary support staff, train them if needed.
  • Pre-pack your best-selling products according to Lazada standards, to ensure that products can be shipped quickly.
  • Make sure that your internet and printer are working perfectly.
  • Choose your best selling product for the campaign
  • Make sure you have your sales team on duty at the weekend to manage unwanted incidents.
  • Take an online training course for campaigns provided by Lazada.

Hopefully, this article has contributed to the useful knowledge that you can take advantage of in the registration process to attend Lazada’s birthday. But good preparation is not enough, if we do not start before the “race”, then all efforts to prepare all the decent will probably just be fruitless. We will return to the article series on how to take advantage of pre-birthday traffic and also contribute to the overall revenue increase. 

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