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Part 3 focuses on optimizing the increase of ARPU (Average revenue per user) and frequency of purchases.

III. Increase sales by increasing ARPU – Average revenue per user

31. Cross-selling

Cross-selling is a great way for you to sell more products.  It builds customer loyalty. It also promotes selling opportunities and helps customer to solve a problem.

In Lazada, you can log in SellerCenter -> Promotion -> Bundles to create cross-selling products. With Shopee, you can create 1 product that contains 2 different items.

For example phones and power banks.

32. Flexi Combo

Similar to cross-selling,  sell in the form of a combo or attach supported item as a gift.

33. Create a voucher 

Voucher motivates customers to buy more products from your shop. 

For example, if you want to sell 1 shirt costing 9 USD, you can also create a 10% discount voucher for customers who has a minimum purchase of 18 USD or more. With this voucher, customers will be excited and for them, it would be easier to buy 2 shirts at the time. 

34. Create a new version of your product(s)

Creating a new version of your product(s) can be like re-inventing a new look for your products which you can increase the selling price of products instead of selling a new product. Also, with this new version, you can focus on the outstanding features.

35. Offering the gift-with-purchase

The value of the order will go up due to the gift. Taking this opportunity, you can exhaust all products in stock, especially after the last campaign.

36. Sell more low-value products

Low-value products will easily stimulate buyers to add more products to cart. What you need to do is to display eye-catching banner or logo or stickers to be caught by customers.

37. Buy more and get free shipping

Free shipping is always a “guise” as a sweet “knockdown” to your customers. Buyers will try to place orders according to your set, such as ordering more items or inviting friends to buy, etc. to get free shipping.

38. Provide a discount code for your customer’s next purchase

Discount codes can be applied to all products in the shop or some special products (for example, to discharge inventory) or discount code applied to other shops in the same system.

IV. Increase the number of repeat customers to increase sales

39. Create a brand – let customers remember you

A catchy name, eye-catching image or affectionate thanks will help buyers remember your shop more.

Remember to be consistent! Customer memory is not just for your shop only.

When your shop messages or images stick to the customer’s mind, you will always be mentioned first when customers want to buy the item.

Try to answer this question and then you could understand what we said.

Which brand will you think first when you buy shoes? Why?

40. Selling products with a short lifespan

To better understand  the products’ life series, you can google them ?

Products with a short-lived term are used frequently used in a short time, namely fast-consuming products: instant noodles, cakes, candies, etc. These products will be purchased with a greater frequency than refrigerators, televisions, etc.

This is the easiest way to increase sales. You can import more short-lived products and sell them at the shop.

41. Gift voucher in package or via message

Voucher, in this case, will help customers to be more motivated to buy again. With the same customer, try to sell at least twice, and maybe more, depending on the nature of the item, the voucher content, etc.

42. Texting thank you to customers, after each successful delivery

Sending “Thank you” message and politely asking for 5-star feedback brings two benefits to you:

  • Creating customer intimacy makes them remember more about your shop.
  • Increase 5-star reviews, thereby increasing the reputation of the shop.

In this message, you can also add promotion codes or vouchers or introduce new products.

43. Attach the brochure introducing new products

In the package sent to customers, you can add new product introduction, upcoming campaigns or ways to keep track of the shops’ updated promotion information.

44. Create a loyalty program for loyal customers

The point of the loyalty program is to pull customers to continue using the products of the shop. The way it works will be like the loyalty card of a supermarket, with every purchase, customers will get points, up to a certain limit, the card will be upgraded to a higher rank and has more incentives.

You can record the number of purchases or the total value of all purchases to implement a customer appreciation program.

For each returned order, the PowerSell system recognizes how many times the customer has purchased, the cancellation rate and the total purchase value.

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45. Take good care of customers, more dedicated, higher visit frequency

Email your customers periodically, along with useful information such as promotions, gifts, etc. or tips, instructions for use. 

However, this will take a long time if you do not have a proper process. You can give first care priority to customers who buy multiple times, or make large orders. Email marketing will fit in this case.

46. Guarantee commitment

Warranty is one of the most important things to create trust for customers. Once you have gained the trust of your customers, you will be able to sell more products.

47. ​​Good packaging with thank you letter

The packaging will be the first impression for customers after receiving your products, they will be extremely impressed if they receive the package carefully packed. Do not forget to add sincere thanks to making a mark with customers! 

48. Advertising reaches old customers

Old customer files are a valuable “treasure” that you can exploit. But not every purchase can be good enough to make your customers remember your shop. And how many sellers out there selling similar items like yours? So how does your shop look to a customer’s mind when they think about an item?

Let’s “chase” (retargeting) customers! You can advertise on Facebook based on the old customer lists, then pull traffic (visits) to your shop.

You can collect information about customers by following these steps:

  • Step 1: Login to PowerSell

  • Step 2: Go to Analysis -> Export orders -> Select Time -> Order status -> Customer information -> Select District, City, Phone

  • Step 3: Download the list of instructions for creating Facebook’s object file (here) and fill out the information in step 2.

  • Step 4: Upload the list in step 4 to Facebook: Ad Manager -> All Tools -> Audiences -> Create a custom audience -> Customer File -> Add customers from your own file or copy and paste data -> Upload file -> Select Original Data Source: Directly from Customer -> Upload File -> Name Audience Name -> Select the appropriate information fields -> Upload & Create)

Using this file you can create ads or create Facebook lookalike files so that you can reach out to new customers.

49. Gift introduction program

You should also send additional referral codes to customers who have purchased. When they introduce a new friend to buy your products, both of them will be given another discount code or a gift. This is how you can keep in touch with both old customers and grow new ones, don’t miss out!

The series “50 ways to increase sales on e-commerce channels such as Lazada, Sendo, Shopee, etc.” now comes to an end with 3 parts. You can see more at our part 1: “Optimize traffic (visits)” and part 2: “Optimize conversion rate” to understand the whole series.

Hopefully, these 50 ways help you optimize and increase sales for your shop. We will continue to update new knowledge to help your multi-platform selling be more effective.

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