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Part 2 will be focused on how to boost your revenue by increasing conversion rates!

II. Quick ways to increase your eCommerce conversion rate

How does conversion rate affect your sales? The image below shows how to get the first basic picture of the interaction.

The formula to calculate the conversion rate is as follows:

Conversion rate = Number of orders / Visitors (Count of views)

How to get this indicator? Please follow the instructions below:

With Shopee stores:

  • Step 1: Log in  to PowerSell -> Select Analysis -> Choose Store -> Select Time -> Select Total Order – Category -> Choose Top 5 best selling products

  • Step 2: Aggregate the total quantity of orders from 1 SKU

  • Step 3: Go to Shopee Seller Center -> Select Product -> View Total Views of the corresponding SKU.

For Lazada stores, go to SellerCenter -> Analyze -> Select Time.

These are the 10 more ways to increase conversion rates for SKUs that affect your sales.

19. Track the visits, focus on the marketing of the product with the highest conversion rate.

Looking at the picture above, the priority order that you should choose to market is product B then product C and finally, product A. Please do not pay too much attention to visits (or traffic)!

20. Investment on the products’ content:

Content is the material that is created to attract potential customers over an electronic network.

How to master your content? You can refer to some experience below:

a. About images:

  • The image should be clear and sharp, the product must have a white or grey backdrop.

  • Maximum dimension 2000x2000px, product image must be square.
  • Must have many different angles.
  • Post as much description videos as possible.

b. About product name:

  • The product name contains the main keyword at the beginning, with the secondary keyword in the back. How to find keywords? PowerSell will guide you in the article about Shopee’s keyword bidding.

  • The product name states the uses, benefits of the product, colours, specifications, the brand identity of the store or product code.

c. Short description of the product:

  • There should be enough 8 strengths, each strong point should not be too long (about 8-12 words is sufficient).

  • Should talk about benefits instead of specifications.

d. Product description:

  • There should be at least 4  clear and large images with appropriate text.

  • The content must contain bold keywords including primary and secondary keywords.

  • The content describes the product sizes,  the origin of the product, and other necessary details.

  • Must contain the key highlights of the product.

  • Demonstrate an extremely good warranty.

  • Must clearly explain the promotion that is going on.

  • Must have product links into pictures, a short introduction to other products for cross-selling.

21. Clicking “like” more on Shopee:

Clicking likes for your shop or Shopee’s posts will help your customers receive new information, discounts, and new products immediately. This also helps you easily increase conversion rates for products.

22. Create attractive banners/messages:

To increase the urgency of the product or promotion, you can add the following words to the banner or cover image of the product or directly add to the product’s content:

  • Limited

  • The only campaign of the year

  • Free ship 

  • Sale 50% off

  • Only today

23. Show reviews of some customers who have used to create a trust for other customers:

You can add customer reviews to the title, product image or description of the product. For each different part, you can change the content accordingly.

For example:

  • In the title section, which is often limited to words, you can add in the number of people who are satisfied with the product. For example: “5000 MOTHERS TRUSTED EXPORTED CHILDREN’S HAT”.

  • For the short description, you can add a bullet point to the number of people who are satisfied with the product

  • With a detailed product description, you can add good reviews from previous customers (especially those who have a great influence on the community) to the end of the product content. You can use customer images, or to be more professional you can use HTML.

Do not use fake customer reviews! If you are a new seller selling on the platform, you can use the preview image on the website.

24. Increase the 5-star rating for your shop:

Having multiple 5-star reviews not only increases visits to the product but also increases trust in the product, making it easier for customers to make purchasing decisions.

If you put yourself in the position of the buyer, with the example below, it will certainly be easier to make a buying decision, because:

  • This product has sold at least 842 products, there were 842 reviews.

  • This product has 553 reviews 5 *, conquering a lot of fastidious customers.

So how to increase the rating for the product? Remember, not every customer who purchased a product give a review. Therefore, you should add thank you messages, give secret gifts, invite product reviews, or promotional codes for the next purchase if they rate 5 * on the shipment.

25. Ensuring full warehouse and good price:

Ensuring inventory not only helps you to get impressions on the platform but also increases conversion rates. If the product sells well, but you do not anticipate enough inventory, then when it is out of stock and the customer enters the store but cannot buy the product, it will result in a lower conversion rate.

However, anticipating inventory is not easy. When you are selling on multiple channels, tracking the inventory of each channel makes it difficult for you and the team.

26. Products’ warranty terms:

Warranty conditions help customers trust your products more. Once your customers have faith in the product, the purchase will be faster. Sellers in the electronics category and limited items should focus on this.

27. Replying on customers’ inquiry quickly:

This will increase the interaction between sellers and customers. Once you actively respond to customers’ inquiries, the product will create more sympathy from customers, especially new customers.

28. List frequently asked questions that create trust for customers:

If you do not have too much time to answer customer questions, you can use frequently asked questions. 

29. Create vouchers to attract customers:

Promotional vouchers are always a “powerful card” that you should consider when purchasing products. Customers like promotions, discounts right? You should take advantage of the time to create vouchers and then insert them into all displays of the product, from images, titles, content and product banners.

30. Support or free shipping (freeship):

Ship fees are a major concern for customers. For example, last time, Lazada no longer supported shipping costs for customers, many salesmen dropped orders too much, some sellers reduced up to 70% of sales. Therefore, supporting shipping costs for customers will be a quick way to pull your customers back.

After deciding whether to support or have free shipping, you should put some free shipping tags on your product’s images or even a banner on your store.

These are the 12 ways that can help you increase the conversion rate of your product and your store, thereby increasing the sales of the store. You should often calculate the conversion rate to focus optimally on the products with the highest rate to generate the most revenue!

Besides, you can also read part 1 of the Series “50 ways to increase sales on e-commerce channels such as Lazada, Sendo, Shopee, etc.” here.

Wish you an effective festive selling season with PowerSell!

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