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Last 2019, globally the number of internet users increased more than half of the world’s population. Technology continues to drive innovation, to create new  series of trends that shape the world and change the way sellers and customers interact with each other.

Here are four ways technology is shaking up eCommerce:

1. Personalization is becoming increasingly important

In today’s society, when shopping demands are being expressed at a higher level, customers are aware of their importance in the value chain, most customers expect sellers to create tailor products and services to meet their needs. To keep up with this, you need to change the way of managing customer data, creating data sets by classification, grouping customers with specific and distinct characteristics to optimize the buyer experience.

This not only to avoid the risk of losing existing customers but also to help attract more new customers. In parallel with this customer categorization, you should start looking for new ways to tailor service, care and interact directly with customers. For example, product recommendations based on the frequency of purchase of one or certain types of products for each customer, sending emails or messages at the time that customers have the highest opening frequency to interact directly and at the right time. Create pre-selected packages that are heavily purchased, as well as based on the characteristics of each customer group you currently have.

You can find more tips on how to design sales packages in the article 50 ways to increase sales on e-commerce channels such as Lazada, Shopee, etc. 

2. 5G to the throne

After nearly a decade of research and development, 2020 will be the year when 5G becomes a reality. Telecommunications service providers in many markets have developed and deployed 5G in many cities, including China, Korea, Japan, the US and many other European countries.

5G is expected to drastically change Internet access from phones. The download speed will be 10 times faster than 4G LTE connection. Users can download the entire movie in seconds and listen to music continuously. Broadband and fast data transfer speeds will help 5G support for areas like the Internet of Things (IoT), augmented reality technology, virtual reality (AR / VR) and self-driving cars.

According to a survey of industry experts conducted by Euromonitor in November 2019, 40% of survey participants expect 5G to provide a more effective and more personalized e-commerce experience. Then the average time a user needs to spend on surfing the phone or web shopping will be shorter, at about the same time, the user can now load more pages, move back and forth between tabs to compare prices, products easier. The e-commerce gadgets will be upgraded to a new level, thanks to 5G.

From here, it will create a very different competitive advantage for sellers, brands that take advantage of the power of technology, create a different strategy based on high-speed applications of 5G such as promotions, quick deal-hunting … The constant change of programs and innovation approach to buyers will create a new feeling, and excitement for customers when remembering your brand.

For example, MrPack Store sells shoes imported from Adidas, Nike, Puma. It has created a lightning-fast sales strategy based on technology and speed of 5G. They locate all the opponents around themselves within a radius of < 5km. Regardless of the customer who tends to go into competitors’ shoe stores. Mr. Pack will send an advertisement with the promotion countdown screen falling from 100% to 99, 98% … Along with the call to action, the faster customers visit Mr Pack, the more they receive the greatest promotion.  And so customers from other stores will rush to MrPack to get this great deal. The average customer will receive about 20-30% promotion from their mileage. But it makes customers feel like they are trying and interacting with your brand. 

Take advantage of the power of technology and create your playground to connect with customers more every day!

3. The era of short-distance delivery!

In the world, fast delivery in particular and logistics services, in general, have become a bloody battleground for retailers and shipping companies, the service delivery of food and other third platforms. When today’s customers have so many choices, and with just a few clicks, they can be anywhere and buy everything, from sushi to lipstick, … neatly packed and delivered to customers in just a few hours by speed. So what are the challenges and opportunities for you –  sellers?

The explosion of fast delivery technology, advanced delivery applications such as the use of drones has become popular in the United States, China and European countries. However, 2020 is expected to record the rise of more simple transportation solutions, such as storage cabinets for customers to pick up products and pick up goods by going to their nearest sales point or policies from the platforms encourage local sales and delivery… so customers can buy goods as quickly, conveniently and economically as possible.

Delivery today is one of the categories that influence consumer buying decisions the most. If you do not quickly update the current delivery trends from the platform or the breakthrough creations of other sellers, the risk of customers abandoning your shopping cart is very high.

We always try to update the latest trends in the e-commerce market, do not forget to register by email right on the top of PowerSell blog page  to receive the hottest news about e-commerce market! Or like our fan page PowerSell PH!

4. The era of “honest advertising”

As users spend less money  and less time on traditional media channels, social media becomes the next destination for corporate advertising campaigns. However, using social networks to approach your advertising strategies effectively, is the issue that deserves attention. Since social networking is a place that creates a feeling of “lack of security” about the correctness of the information received, users can interact a lot with your articles, but not “trust” much.

The challenge for you is how to create media campaigns, creating the most authentic feeling to customers. This not only helps you increase the user experience but also create your path and different from the opponent.

In an era where “trust” is something of a luxury, 2020 will be the year businesses face the pressure of preserving and building an honest image on online advertising sites to build trust with customers.

Understanding this, get used to the honest approach of thinking when conducting media campaigns for your product. Take advantage of tactics such as using selfies, customer review clips, and customer feedback, or live streaming programs for sales, etc. to increase customer trust and create credibility for the brand.

The question is, how do you stay up to date with the constantly changing sales trends?

With the development of related software supporting the business on e-commerce, PowerSell is always updated with the latest information about the market and constantly share new trends, good tips on how to attract customers, etc. You can subscribe to the email to stay “on-top” the trend!

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