What you need to know about PowerPaint

  1. PowerPaint is a mass profile image decorating application that allows you to beautify all of your online products with different templates, logos and stickers.
  2. PowerPaint supports products from Lazada and Shopee.

How to use PowerPaint

  • To start using PowerPaint, login to PowerSell -> Automate -> PowerPaint.
  • (1) Select shops, search for the product you want to decorate. You can also filter by Templates ( search for products that have been decorated by templates ).
  • (2) Select “+ Add Template” or “Edit” to start decorating. Select “Remove” to remove template.
  • (3) Tick the box on the right to use mass action buttons on the top right
  • When selecting “Sync Images”, product with images using PowerPaint can’t remove template.

  • (1) Select these buttons to edit your images
  • You can upload your own images to PowerSell
  • (2) After you’re done decorating, select the images on the left to check
  • (3) Select:
  1. Apply
  2. Apply & Save
  3. Save as Template