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Analytics Overview

With the Analytics feature, you can quickly get an overview update about your business status in the last term versus this term. PowerSell demonstrates as well the important figure that needs to pay attention like: Sales Revenue, Orders, etc.

  • (1) You can filter by Shop and Time (This Week, This Time)
  • (2) Or you can choose specific period of time to compare.
  • (3) Below, you can see some important data listed out so you can get a quick view of your business performance. Click on it to see more chart.
  • (4) This period performance compared to last period.
  • (5) Move your cursor to the chart to see each point detailed information.

Terms & Definitions

  • Sales: The total sales revenue of all orders placed (including the failed orders – canceled and returned orders), not including the shipping fee and voucher in the date range selected. 
  • Net Sales: The sales which does not include the failed orders (canceled and returned orders) in the date range selected 
  • Cancellation Percentage: The numbers of failed orders (including Canceled, Failed, Returned) over the total orders placed in the date range selected. 
  • Orders: The total orders placed in the date range selected
  • Voucher Usage Percentage: The orders using voucher over the total orders placed in the date range selected.