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PowerSell Powerful application for shop management across multiple e-commerce channels.
Power Assistant Receive some suggestions on each product for maximizing the growth potential and revenue
Automatically analyze and notice seller about performance of whole store or each product, or suggest seller what actions to take
AVAILABLE-TO-PURCHASE PERCENTAGE Percentage of available products based on the number of orders in last 30 days
Number of purchasable products (positive stock and online on website) over number of products with at least 1 order in the last 30 days
COMPETITIVE PERCENTAGE Percentage of your lowest price products in the marketplace
Number of products with lowest sales price compared with competitors’ over number of products having competitors
ASSORTMENT HEALTH PERCENTAGE Percentage of products sold in last 30 days
Number of products having at least 1 order in the last 30 days over number of online products
Percentage of uncompleted orders which include “Canceled”, “Returned” and ” Failed to deliver”
MARKET TREND Revenue trend of a group of thousands of sellers to represent revenue trend of the e-commerce market
PowerSKU Link all similar SKU lists to one main SKU that allows monitoring of performance, changes in terms of stock and price
Represent a group of identical SKUs to monitor revenue, price and stock of that group
PowerSKU Code PowerSKU code to represent a group of identical SKUs
SKU Stock keeping unit
Stock Sync Inventory of identical SKUs will be synchronized. When the stock of a SKU in a shop decreases by 1, other identical SKUs in other shops decrease by 1 as well.
Competitiveness Rank Rank of price competitiveness
Voucher Usage Percentage Percentage of orders using voucher
Gross Profit Sales minus Cost of goods sold
Profit Margin Gross profit divided by sales
Failed to Delivery Percentage Failed to deliver percentage on orders created 15 to 30 days prior from today
Percentage of orders having the status “Failed to Deliver”
Cash Payment Percentage Failed to deliver percentage on orders created 15 to 30 days prior from today
Percentage of orders paid in cash
Net sales Sales of orders excluding orders with status: Canceled , Returned and Failed to deliver
Display on website Whether product is online on website or not. Check once every two days
Restock Value Recommendation Recommended number of items to restock
Stock Up Recommendation Total products needed to be restocked for next order
Item Trend L14D Indicate performance trend of product in the latest 14 days via charts
Estimated OOS time This is the date you will have zero inventory unless you restock
Cancellation Percentage Cancellation percentage on orders created 15 to 30 days prior from today
Product Location Location of where product currently exists
Auto Repricing Amount discounted below the competitor’s price
Auto Repricing Status Auto repricing is either on or off
Price Range The minimum and maximum price that PowerSell is authorized to change
Shipping Fee Total of Shipping Fee over 14 days
Smart Filters Help sellers have a look at products by some filters such as high revenue, competitive or low revenue
No sales Product doesn’t have any orders in the last 14 days
Low Revenue Top 10 products with low revenue
High Revenue Top 10 products with high revenue
Turned off Product isn’t online on website
Online on website Product is online on website
Turned off recently Product has just turned of in the last 14 days
Price suddenly down Price decrease by more than 30% compared to the latest 7-day average price
Price suddenly up Price increase by more than 30% compared to the latest 7-day average price
No competitor Product has no competitor
Competitor Product has competitor
Competitive Product with higher price than competitor
Non – competitive Product with lower price than competitor
Auto – Repricing Product has price adjusting automatically on PowerSell
Up trend Product has a downward trend in the last 14 days
Down trend Product has an upward trend in the last 14 days
Out of stock Product is out of stock
Low stock Product doesn’t have enough quantity for sale
Excess stock Product has too many quantities but doesn’t have much orders recently
Auto-repricing Auto repricing according to product’s price of competitor to always have the most competitive price
Product linked Link similar products of all shops to manage
Competitor information Keep track of the price history of competitor you care about
Competitor status Know whether competitor’s product is displayed on platform
Min Price The lowest price of product can be sold
Max Price The highest price of product can be sold
Amount discounted below the Competitor Price Differential price compared to competitor’s price
Change in Price Price after adjusting
Old Price Product’s price before turning the repricing configuration on
New Price Product’s price after turning the repricing configuration on
PowerUp Application supports push product automatically on Shopee to top search 6 times per day
PowerPaint The feature helps edit product’s avatar on Lazada and Shopee
Order Status Current status of order, include some statuses: Orders pending, Ready to ship, Shipped, Delivered, Failed, Returned, Canceled
Customer Behavior Evaluate customer who has good/bad order status
Return Percentage Percentage of product returned on total orders in the last 30 days
Product Returned Reconcile order canceled or order returned to make sure no loss of order resulting in loss of revenue
Payment Received Reconcile orders received payment from platforms
Confirmation Status Whether or not the order has been reconciled

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