PowerSKU feature connects all products that are identical but sold on different stores (therefore may have different SKU) into one product – called PowerSKU – to manage performance (such as revenue and orders) and stock of that group.

    1. What is PowerSKU?
      • SKU: Stock keeping unit
      • PowerSKU: a code that is assigned to a group of SKUs of the same product to manage the performance and stock of that group
      • Example:
          • Product Iphone X 64G – White is sold on both Lazada and Shopee and has two distinct SKUs: IX64WHITESHOPEE and IX64WHITELAZADA
          • PowerSKU IX64 stores the data of two SKUs, including sales, orders, stocks,…
    2. How to create PowerSKU?
      • Step 3: Select Create PowerSKU
      • Step 4: Enter the information for the new PowerSKU:
          • Search product to connect: Enter name, part of name or SKU to search for the product
          • PowerSKU (required field): name of PowerSKU (e.g. IPhone 64G White)
          • PowerSKU code (required field): e.g. IP64W

After searching for all the products and entering PowerSKU and PowerSKU code, click on Link to PowerSKU. You will receive the message Success. If you get the message Fail, some information you enter is not valid. Please try again.

Please contact us via email: support@powersell.com for all support requests.