What is PowerSKU?

  • PowerSKU is a stock synchronizing feature that helps you connect similar products into one place and automatically synchronizes the stock across all platforms, making it easier for sellers to manage their products.
  • This feature helps sellers to manage their inventory efficiently by letting them know their actual stock and how  

To use PowerSKU, login to PowerSell > Manage > PowerSKU

PowerSKU Overview

PowerSKU overview screen will provide aggregate information for all links of 1 PowerSKU, including Number of links, Revenue/Order within 14 days, Inventory, Price, …

  • (1) Search for your SKU here
  • (2) Create & update PowerSKU here
  • (3) Click here to export or add more column.
  • (4) Quickly change PowerSKU stock by clicking here.

Stock: Number of item Sellers configed

Reserved stock: Number of item reserved

The stock updated on platform = Stock – Reserved stock

  • Reserved stock is a precaution for when the new stock hasn’t been updated yet.
  • Ex: PowerSKU A have 2 SKUs linked which is a,b from shop 1 & 2, PowerSKU A have Stock = 1. When shop 1 have an order placed ⇒ PowerSKU A is OOS, PowerSell need up to 10 min to update the new stock (0) to SKU b at shop 2, but before that, there’s also an order placed for SKU b at shop 2 ⇒ Seller doesn’t have any item left and have to cancel the order.
  • To avoid this situation, seller can use reserved stock.

Create PowerSKU

Step 1: Login to PowerSell here.

Step 2: Click “MANAGE” then select “PowerSKU

Step 3: Click “+ Create PowerSKU

Step 4: Search for the products you want to and click on the SKU, continue to find similar SKU to link

Step 5: Enter PowerSKU Name and Code

Step 6: Click “Link to PowerSKU

Mass create & update PowerSKU

Step 1: Login to PowerSell here.

Step 2: Click “MANAGE” then select “PowerSKU

Step 3: Click “Mass create/update PowerSKU

Step 4: Select “Download” and click “Next Step” for instructions

Step 5: Fill in the file

– The products with same information in the “PowerSKU” column will be connected to each other.

– In the “Stock Sync” column, enter 1 to turn on stock synchronization or 0 to turn-off stock synchronization.

Step 6: Click “Next Step” and select “Please choose file

Step 7: Select the file and click “Upload File” to finish mass create/update PowerSKU

Do not change the file format under any circumstances.