Processing orders from different stores on multiple platforms takes up a substantial amount of time for sellers, and it still doesn’t guarantee accuracy. Orders being unfulfilled is a common mishap. Knowing this, PowerSell helps sellers intergrate orders from multiple channels into a single interface, for simpler status updates and receipt printing. To process orders in PowerSell, please login to Powersell -> Order Management -> Orders Pending

Seller can bulk process all orders (1) or individually using PowerSell

(1) Bulk order processing:

  • Step 1: Retrieve products from storage using bulk stock retrieval receipt

This helps the seller by not having to go in and out of storage too many times and cause errors.

      • To print bulk stock retrieval receipts, Select Print Picklist > Print
      • Retrieve stock in storage according to the retrieval receipt

Tip: It is easier to find stock in storage when after configuring storage location

  • Step 2: Package products by orders
  • Step 3: Change order status to “Ready to ship”

Note: For Shopee orders, default status is [Drop shipping]. If you want to change the delivery status, please log in to Shopee account.

  • Step 4: Print shipping label

  • Step 5: Attach shipping labels to each order
  • Step 6: Wait for shipment provider to pick up orders or send orders to [pick-up hubs]

(2) Process orders individually Sellers can process orders as above, but by each individual order that has been integrated to PowerSell

PowerSell terms:

  • All Orders: All orders from all stores (Lazada, Shopee, Sendo,…) that have been connected to PowerSell
  • Order pending: New orders waiting to be processed
  • Ready to Ship: Orders have been processed, ready to be picked up by shipment providers or sent to [pick-up hubs] 
  • Shipped: Orders have been picked up by shipment providers and are being shipped to customers

You can manage the information of all orders including:

  • Order Information: Date of creation, Order Items, Order Value, Order Status, and Vouchers
  • Customer Information: Name, Phone number, Address, and Customer behavior

You can download order data across multiple channels for marketing and customer support purposes by using PowerSell’s Export tool.

Please contact us via email: for all support requests.