Stock Sync feature will help you manage and sync stock across all your stores and e-commerce platforms, reducing mistakes in stock management as well as time and human resources.

To use Stock Sync feature, please follow these steps.

  • Step 1: Log in to your PowerSell account at
  • Step 2: Create PowerSKU. See this guideline on how to create PowerSKU
  • Step 3: Select Application (1) => Stock sync (2)

You will see the list of PowerSKU you have created. Choose the information fields that you wan to see or select All to see all fields.

  • Step 4: You can start syncing stock following 2 methods
      • Method 1: Use Stock Sync screen. Click on the stock of the PowerSKU you want to sync stock. Enter the number for Stock (actual number of items that you have in your storage) and Reserved Stock (the number of items that you do not want to sell. For example, you have 100 items, but only want to sell 90. You will set the Reserved Stock to 10, so when the stock falls to 10, the product will have Sold out status. You can choose to restock and turn the product on again, or turn on immediately to continue selling). Turn on the Stock sync and click Update.

      • Method 2: Click on the name of the PowerSKU you want to sync stock. You will see the details of the PowerSKU. Click on the stock and enter the same information as in method 1.

    After you click update, you will see the message Success. Please wait for a few minutes and refresh the page to update the information. If you see the message Fail, please try again.

Please contact us via email: for all support requests.