Losing track of goods when not known exactly which returned orders the marketplace has reconciled to the seller is a common problem when selling on multiple marketplaces. Many sellers let these orders go because they cannot manage them. This significantly affects sellers when the rate of returned products reaches 30% Catching on to this, PowerSell has developed a reconciliation confirmation feature to avoid loss of goods for sellers. This feature records orders that have been returned to the seller, and the seller can request marketplaces to compensate orders that have not been reconciled for too long.

To confirm reconciliation on PowerSell, follow these steps

  • Step1: Login to PowerSell -> Application -> Order Reconciliation -> Product Returned

  • Step2: Enter order/delivery ID into the search box

  • Step3: Press Product Returned to confirm received product

Alternatively, Sellers can do mass reconciliation using a list with these steps:

  • Step1: Press Mass Reconciliation

  • Step2: Copy the list to the blank text box

  • Step3: Press Find Orders
  • Step4: Complete by selecting Find Orders. Now all corresponding orders in the list will change its status to Reconciled Return, which means these orders have returned to the seller


  • PowerSell supports order reconciliation using delivery code, order ID, and receipt ID.
  • Sellers can remove pament reconciliation to avoid mistakes in the reconciliation process. View other instructional documents here!

Please contact us via email: support@powersell.com for all support requests.