Order Reconciliation


1. Product Returned:

      • Manage your returned products in order to avoid missing.
      • For Sendo (VN) & Shopee, “Failed to Deliver” and “Returned” orders are sorted as “Canceled” → All of Shopee & Sendo “Cancelled” orders that had “Shipped” status will have “Returned” status and will appear in the Product Returned section.

2. Payment Confirmed:


      • Manage your successful orders payments.
      • All “Delivered” orders will appear in the Payment Confirmed section.

To use the reconcile tool, login to PowerSell → go to (1) Manage ( 2) Order Reconciliation(3) Product Returned/Payment Received.

(4) Find the order you want to reconcile, and (5) tick the box in the Confirmation Status column to confirm that you’ve received the product/payment.

You can also apply mass action by selecting orders ((6) tick the box in front of the orders) and click (7) “Mass Action” → “Reconcile Order/Remove Reconciliation”

(8) Or click “Reconciliation” → “Mass Return/Payment Confirmation”


 → (9) Enter Order number, Tracking number or Shipping label number → (10) Select “Find Orders”

→ (11) Click “Confirm” to confirm product/payment received, or (12) click the download symbol to download an excel file.

If you can’t find your orders, try using the mass reconciliation tool.