Along with the development of e-commerce today, vendors are also busier with their business. Understanding that, PowerSell has developed the Automatic Analytics feature and business forecast for customers. Since then, sellers will be notified promptly about the situation of orders, sales as well as inventory data, lack of product status, … to help sellers track their business more effectively.

This analytics feature will be displayed in the ‘’Highlight Notification’’ section in the Overview section and ‘’Recommendation” section in detailed product page (including PowerSKU) in the nearest chronological order.

Automated analytics patterns are often found in the ‘’Highlight Notification’’ section, including:

  • Stock:
      • Product A sold well in the last 2 weeks but it is out of stock, import more XX products to sell in the next 2 weeks.
      • Only XX items of product C are available while the last 2 weeks YY items have been sold, add more ZZ to have enough products to sell.
  • Revenue:
      • Product D with previous high revenue is trending downward, check the competitor’s price to maintain high revenue.
      • Today’s revenue increased/decreased slightly, X% higher/lower than the average of the last 7 days.
  • Order:
      • High cancellation rate! D orders today are canceled, E% higher than the average 7-day cancellation rate.

Customers can hover their mouse on each message to access linked sections to see more about the notifications.

Automated analytics patterns are often found in the ‘’Recommendation” section in the detailed product page including:

  • Stock:
      • Inventory is high, it is expected to need Y week(s)/month(s)/year (s) to sell all Z products in the warehouse.
      • Out of stock! Has sold XX products in the last 14 days.
  • Revenue:
      • Revenue dropped from ₫ XX,000 in last week to ₫ YY,000 in this week.
      • Revenue increased / decreased dramatically X% compared to the last 14 days
      • The product has no revenue in the last 2 weeks.
  • Competitor:
      • No competitor for this product

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