Dashboard will display the most basic information on the business situation of all store, filter by time (Month, Week, Day) to give clients the most intuitive big picture possible.

To filter information for the desired time frame, clients only need to select the desired time and data will be automatically filtered and displayed.

On top of the page are values of Sales this month, Sales today, Orders today, and Pending Orders with Orders at Risk (Pending orders created for more than 24 hours). In addition, clients can view more metrics: Available-to-purchase percentage, Competitive percentage, Percentage of canceled orders, and Assortment health percentage by selecting “View more”.

Hovering the mouse over each section will have additional description and comparative values.

Next is a graph to compare revenue based on the client’s selected time frame with the previous period. Hovering the mouse over each time period will give detailed values.

Next is the “Highlight Notification” section. The most updated notifications related to revenue, orders, and products will be listed here.

Hovering the mouse over each notification will give you a suggestion to follow a link with further details related to the notification.

As you scroll down, all stores linked with PowerSell will be displayed along with revenue, order, and product information. Clients can connect more stores by selecting “Connect shop” at the end of this section.

After selecting “Connect shop”, a window will appear for the client to select the country and e-commerce platform of the store. Afterwards, the interface of each platform will appear. Please follow the instructions of each platform.

Finally, on the bottom of the page will be the list of Best selling products along with product information. Clients can sort the product list by revenue or by order.

Please contact us via email: support@powersell.com for all support requests.