Login to PowerSell -> Manage -> Product Listings.

Product Listings is where sellers can see all of their products on marketplaces. There are also many dimensions, options for them to filter and view the products better. 

  • You can show them how to have a better understanding of the products by using the Smart Filter. This is how they will manage their product listings and know which ones they should pay more attention to.
  • To have a more effective look at the products’ performance, they can make their own combination of smart filter tags
  • Ex: Best-Selling + Down Trend
    Their best-selling product but recently not selling well.
  • They can as well select to export data or add more columns to see more information
  • Search for specific product or filter by Shops and Brands.


How to change Stock and Price on Listing level: 

Besides, sellers can change their stock and price with this feature and it will automatically update on marketplaces as they want. 

  • Quickly change stock and price simply by clicking on it


  • Stock: Actual stock
  • Available Stock: Available-to-Purchase stock
  • Retail Price: Selling price before discount
  • Sales Price: Selling price after discount