Product Management screen:

  1. Detailed filter for each Store
  2. Smart Keywords corresponding to each product
  3. Revenue and Orders of the product (14 days)
  4. Trend of revenue (14 days)
  5. Allows edits of Stock and Sales price
  6. Export data of product information
  7. Customized information Filter

Feature details:

  • Store: Filter each store to view store details

  • Brand: Filter by brands

  • Smart Filter: Filter products using Smart Filter, helps save time in viewing product status. Can combine different statuses to filter out products with noticeable conditions.

  • Data Export: After selecting Data Export, the file will be sent to seller’s email to ensure complete information confidentiality

  • Filters: In this section you can select filters based on information related to the products that you need. You can select All to see all fields.

  • Update stock and sales price
      • Update stockInput Stock, system will automatically sync the number to the online store
      • The difference between Stock and Available Stock : If sellers have 20 stock units, when customers order 1 order and that item has not been delivered to delivery services, Stock will be 20 (Because the item is still in storage) and Available Stock is 19 (Because customer has ordered 1 product), which means the next customer can order a maximum 19 products. If the first customer cancels his order, Available Stock becomes 20.
      • Update Sales price:  To update sales price, input the desired price in Sales price, cannot be more than 50% of the listed price
  • Product details: To view product detail, click on the product name to access the detail page

      • In the Product detail section, you can view the most detailed revenue report, and you can also edit stock and sales price.

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